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Are you a nursing working mom who needs a way to safely transport her expressed breastmilk from work to home or from home to daycare? Maybe you are a breastfeeding mom who needs a safe way to transport expressed breastmilk while traveling or out and about? 

An insulated breastmilk cooler bag is the best + safest option for transporting the precious liquid gold you worked so hard to pump all day at work back to nurture your little one at home. 

Here is a list of the 25 best cooler bags for breastfeeding moms. Let’s dive in! 

How Long Will My Breastmilk Stay Safe Before I Can Make It Home?

Breastmilk can be left at room temperature for up to 4 hours. If you don’t feed the breastmilk to your baby within those 4 hours it needs to be placed in either a fridge or freezer to remain at a safe temperature. 

Breastmilk can stay safe in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or the freezer for up to 6 months. Your breastmilk will stay safe for up to 24 hours in an insulated breastmilk cooler bag unless otherwise stated on the cooler. 

It’s best to include an ice pack or cooling gel pack in your insulated cooler to ensure that your breastmilk stays at the correct, safe temperature until you make it home.

What To Look for In A Breastmilk Cooler Bag?

The following criteria are important things that I looked for when making my list of top 25 breastmilk cooler bags + what you should look for or consider when out shopping for the best breast milk cooler bag: 


Size is the most important thing to consider when choosing the best cooler bag for breastmilk that will work for you. When considering the size of the bag think of:

  • Will it be used for a short or long time away from home? How long are your shifts at work? How much do you pump in this time?
  • What size bottles do you pump into? Tall or wide bottles need more room. 
  • Do you plan on cleaning your pump parts in between pumping sessions while you are away? If not you need space in your cooler to keep these cool too. 


Finding a cooler that is durable and made well is especially important for working moms who will be using this cooler every single day. A shoulder strap is another perk if you are carrying stuff to and from your car every day to work or to drop your baby off at daycare. 


You will soon learn that spills and leaks when pumping is common. It is important that your bag is easy for you to clean when this happens. A bag that is wipeable is best because you will likely be out at work or traveling – no access to a sink or washing machine. 

Having one that is machine washable is a HUGE plus though because you can always throw it in the washing machine when you get home to get a good deep clean – much needed if you are using this cooler day-to-day.

I have included the best coolers for breastmilk in all sizes below, so hopefully, you can find a great one that fits your needs.

Best Cooler Bags for Breastmilk – Smaller Bags

The cooler bags I have listed below are best for: 

  • Short trips 
  • When you only need room for 2-4 bottles 
  • You don’t need extra room for anything besides your breastmilk 
  • Need something compact – can fit in backpack or diaper bag

#1: Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

These compact cooler bags from Sarah Wells are super handy and come in a ton of cute designs. They are great for moms who are using taller bottles – they can hold (4) 8-oz bottles or 6+ breastmilk storage bags.

What I Love About It: 

  • Compact 
  • Can be used for taller bottles 
  • Detachable shoulder strap 
  • Photo pocket to label your bag – great for workplace or daycare shared fridge 
  • Easy-to-clean liner + outside is spot-clean safe
  • Mesh pocket inside cooler 
  • Comes with an ice pack

Things To Consider: 

  • Not machine washable 
  • Only suitable for short times away from home – unless you are storing breastmilk bags
  • Some negative reviews on the ice pack staying cold – can purchase a different one separately 

#2: Skip Hop Grab + Go Double Bottle Bag 

This cooler bag is best for moms who just need a cooler bag for breastmilk when out for a quick trip because it only holds 2 large bottles. The compact size + straps that attach to a diaper bag or stroller make this the perfect travel cooler.

What I Love About It: 

  • Wipe-clean liner 
  • Keeps bottles hot or cold
  • Freezer pack included 
  • Can be used later for sippy cups + snacks 
  • Two-way zipper 
  • Adjustable strap attaches to a diaper bag or stroller 
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • Inexpensive

Things To Consider: 

  • Not much room for other than the two bottles 
  • Not machine washable 
  • Not leakproof
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#3: Medela Breast Milk Cooler Set 

I highly recommend this breastmilk cooler set by Medela if you use a Medela breast pump. I used this cooler bag with my son and it was super convenient for day trips or when I left him over at a babysitter’s house. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Comes with 4 breast milk bottles + contoured ice pack
  • Compatible with Medela breast pumps 
  • Fits in the Freestyle + Pump In Style breast pump bags 
  • Also fits Spectra bottles 
  • Stays cool for up to 12 hours 
  • Exterior + interior can easily be wiped clean 

Things to Consider: 

  • Will not hold taller or wider bottles 
  • No extra space
  • Only comes in black

#4: PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag 

This freezable lunch bag from PackIt is not a breastmilk-specific cooler bag, but a great option for a compact cooler you can use for quick day trips. You freeze the lunch pail before use to keep contents cool + can fold it down to the size of a wallet when not in use. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Gel-lined walls to keep your breastmilk cool 
  • Folds flat 
  • Buckle handle can clip onto stroller or diaper bag 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Holds up to (4) 5-oz. bottles
  • Comes in a ton of fun designs

Things To Consider: 

  • I wouldn’t recommend breastmilk that needs to be kept cool for more than a few hours
  • Not machine washable 
  • Have to remember to freeze the bag for 8-10 hours before use
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#5: Jax 2020 Breastmilk Cooler Bag

For breastfeeding moms who use breastmilk storage bags instead of storage bottles, this is definitely a cooler bag you should consider. The cooler includes an internal elastic strap that you can hang your storage bags from to keep them upright while in your cooler bag. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Can hang breastmilk storage bags from internal elastic strap 
  • Accommodates tall + wide bottles 
  • Can fit up to 6 large bottles or breastmilk storage bags 
  • Leak-proof + wipeable lining 
  • 2-year warranty 

Things To Consider: 

  • Doesn’t come with reusable ice packs – Jax 2020 sells contoured ice packs separately 
  • Not much room for anything else if you are packing 6 large bottles 

#6: Luxja Breastmilk Cooler Bag 

The Luxja Breastmilk Cooler Bag is similar to the Medela Breastmilk Cooler, but a bit less expensive + comes in more patterns and colors. This is a great option if you are looking to keep just a few small 5-oz bottles cold for a short period of time. 

What I Love About It: 

  • holds (4) 5-oz bottles 
  • Leak-proof + water-resistant 
  • Sturdy top handle 
  • Small front pocket for name card – perfect for daycare 
  • Fits into most diaper + breast pump bags 

Things To Consider:

  • Must purchase ice pack separately 
  • No room for anything but a few small bottles 

#7: PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

PackIt also makes a freezable cooler that is made specifically for keeping breastmilk cold. The compact cooler can hold a total of (4) 5-oz bottles. The cooler conveniently collapses when not in use + includes a clear front pocket perfect for a name card. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Hold (4) 5-oz bottles 
  • No ice pack required 
  • Collapses when not in use 
  • Front clear pocket for name card – perfect for daycare
  • The handle can clip onto your diaper bag or stroller

Things To Consider: 

  • Must freeze the bag for 8-10 hours before each use 
  • Doesn’t fit larger bottles 
  • Only keeps breastmilk at a cool temp for a couple of hours 

#8: Nanobebe Insulated Baby Bottle Travel Bag 

This unique round bottle travel bag by Nanobebe is perfect for moms who use Nanobebe bottles + need a small cooler for quick trips. The compact bag can carry 3 Nanobebe bottles + easily attach them to your diaper bag or stroller. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Fits 3 Nanobebe bottles when stacked 
  • Storage pocket on the bottom for nipples 
  • Comes with a contoured ice pack 
  • Can be used to keep milk warm
  • Handle easily attaches to your diaper bag or stroller 
  • Machine washable 

Things To Consider: 

  • The ice pack is small + not efficient for keeping cool over a few hours 
  • Only will fit 1-2 large bottles + ice pack

#9: JJ Cole Baby Bottle Cooler 

I love this bottle cooler from JJ Cole because it is small and compact but still holds up to 2 large bottles. This is another cooler bag that is perfect for quick day trips. It can fit into most diaper bags + breast pump bags. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Holds 2 large bottles 
  • Compact 
  • Includes a handle that can attach to stroller + diaper bag 
  • Comes with a freezer pack 
  • Exterior pocket 
  • Comes in 4 different designs 

Things To Consider: 

  • The freezer pack is small + only keeps milk cold for a couple of hours 
  • Not waterproof 

#10: J.L. Childress Tall Twocool Breastmilk Cooler

If you are looking for a slim + tall compact breastmilk cooler for quick day trips then this is the breastmilk cooler bag for you. The bag holds 2 large bottles or 4 small bottles when stacked. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Tall + slim design 
  • Holds 2 large or 4 small bottles 
  • Keeps bottles warm or hot 
  • Leakproof
  • Comes with a reusable ice pack 
  • Wipeable interior + exterior 

Things To Consider: 

  • Not much room for anything besides bottles + ice pack 
  • Some moms report ice pack starts to leak after a while

#11: Dr. Brown’s Convertible Baby Bottle Tote

Dr. Brown’s baby bottle tote is another slim + tall option, but I love that you can fold and strap it down if you don’t need the height or need it a bit more compact. The tote comfortably holds 3-4 Dr. Brown’s bottles + the removable icepack. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Holds 3-4 large bottles 
  • Removable ice pack included
  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy to clean with a wipe

Things To Consider: 

  • Not as well made as to their baby bottles 
  • Not very sturdy as other coolers 
  • No extra pockets or straps

#12: Flexi Freeze Pocketbook Cooler

The Flexi Freeze Pocketbook Cooler is similar to the size of a wallet. This cooler only fits about 4 breastmilk storage bags depending on how full they are. The pocketbook cooler has built-in freeze packs, so the cooler must be frozen before use. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Small + compact for breast milk storage bags
  • Can easily fit into a diaper bag, breast pump bag, etc. 
  • Holds up to 4 breastmilk storage bags 

Things To Consider: 

  • Only fits breastmilk storage bags
  • Must freeze cooler for 8-10 hours before each use 

#13: Kiinde Twist Cooler Bag

The Kiinde Twist Cooler Bag is an insulated cooler bag that is designed for breastmilk storage bags but is bigger than the pocketbook cooler. The cooler comes with 2 removable gel packs + can hold up to 6 Kiinde twist bags. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Zippered compartments for ice packs – every breastmilk bag touches the ice pack 
  • Firm sides so the bag can’t be squished 
  • Can be used with any breastmilk storage bags
  • Great at keeping your breastmilk storage bags cold for an extended period of time

Things To Consider: 

  • Not super easy to clean the deep compartments inside 
  • No shoulder strap 
  • Only fits breastmilk storage bags
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#14: Spectra Pink Cooler Kit 

This breastmilk cooler kit from Spectra comes with:

  • Spectra Pink Cooler Bag 
  • A gel freezer ice pack 
  • 2 Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles – cap, disc, + lid 

What I Love About It: 

  • Only about $30 and comes with everything you need, especially if you have a Spectra pump
  • Easy-to-clean – wipeable 
  • It Fits 6 Spectra wide neck bottles or bottles of similar size 

Things To Consider: 

  • Not waterproof 
  • Moms report it’s not the best quality – not durable 

#15: CleverMade Lily Bottle Cooler 

This insulated bottle cooler by CleverMade is similar to the size of a small lunch box. The faux leather outside is perfect for moms looking for a bag that is a bit more stylish + discrete. This fits perfectly into the bottle compartment of the Lily Diaper Backpack by CleverMade. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Fits 4 small bottles + ice pack 
  • Keeps breastmilk warm or cold 
  • Smooth faux leather – black or cognac
  • Food-safe interior lining 
  • Tote handle 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Wipes clean 

Things To Consider: 

  • Only negative review was the longevity of the faux leather – expected for a fake leather
  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack 
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#16: goldbug Portable Bottle Bag

Credit: goldbug

The goldbug Portable Bottle Bag is another insulated faux leather cooler bag. This cooler bag holds up to 2 large bottles with a small interior pocket for something small. Easy to carry or attach to your diaper bag + cooler. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Compact + small 
  • Attaches to your stroller or diaper bag 
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • Comes in 3 shades of faux leather

Things To Consider: 

  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack
  • Not a lot of room for anything other than the bottle + ice pack  

Best Cooler Bag for Breastmilk – Medium + Larger Options

#17: Jujube Fuel Cell Bottle Cooler

This stylish bottle cooler by Jujube is perfect for when you need to store just a few tall bottles. There is a bit of room inside the cooler + a clear interior pocket for a few small extra things. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Detachable top strap can be used as a handle or clip to diaper bag 
  • Clear interior zippered pocket
  • Machine washable 
  • Functions + looks like a lunch box 

Things to Consider: 

  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack 
  • Only stays cool for about 3 hours 

#18: Lekebaby Breast Milk Cooler Bag

A great breastmilk cooler for working moms or a long travel trip. The bag holds 6 breastmilk bottles + comes with a contoured ice pack. These contoured ice packs are the best at keeping your breast milk cooled to a safe temperature for an extended period of time. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Holds 6 large baby bottles 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • 2-way zipper allows you to open from the front or top 
  • Exterior zipper pouch for extra storage
  • Water-resistant
  • Removable plastic liner that can be removed + washed

Things To Consider: 

  • Ice pack comes empty – fill with water yourself + place in the fridge for 8-10 hours before use
  • If you are using smaller bottles some moms found they tip over in the bag 

#19: MomCozy Breastmilk Cooler Bag

I love this breastmilk cooler bag from MomCozy because it can either function as a one or two-compartment cooler bag. This is handy for storing other items that need to be kept cool or when you need more space for things like taller bottles or food items. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Removable middle layer – functions as one or two-compartment cooler 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Thick insulation 
  • Exterior pocket + interior mesh pockets
  • Fits tall and wide bottles 
  • Detachable buckle to attach to stroller or diaper bag
  • Bottom compartment can fit some smaller pumps

Things To Consider: 

  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack
  • If the items on the top are too heavy it can roll over/ collapse onto the bottom compartment 

#20: Mojecto Large Cooler Bag With Dual Insulated Compartments 

If you are looking for a large cooler bag with tons of room for pumped milk, breast pump, your lunch, etc. then this is your bag. It is on the more expensive side (around $70), but you get what you pay for in terms of quality. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Durable + heavy-duty – will last forever 
  • Comes with an extra liner 
  • Tons of zipper + mesh pockets for extra storage 
  • 2 insulated compartments 
  • Easy to clean 

Things To Consider: 

  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack 
  • Not for someone who is looking for an easy to grab and go bag 
  • Expensive

#21: Yarwo Breast Milk Cooler Bag with Ice Pack

This breastmilk cooler bag by Yarwo is a great medium-size option for working moms. You can easily carry up to (6) 9-ounce bottles comfortably. It also comes with a larger contoured ice pack which is best for keeping your breastmilk at a sage temp for an extended time. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Comfortably holds (6) 9-ounce bottles 
  • Larger contoured ice pack 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Exterior front and back pocket + side mesh pocket for extra storage

Things To Consider: 

  • Some moms report the zippers easily break 

#22: Columbia Badger Insulated Baby Food + Bottle Tote

The Baby Food + Bottle Tote from Columbia is a great larger bag for working moms who need lots of room or long trips The bag includes two elasticized interior staps to keep the bottles secure + from tipping over during transport. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Thermal insulation 
  • Elasticized straps to keep bottles secure 
  • Exterior zipper pocket + 2 mesh pockets
  • Comes with a shoulder strap 
  • Easy to clean lining 

Things To Consider: 

  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack 
  • Only comes in black 

#23: Meichoon Breast Milk Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

The Meichoon cooler bag is divided into 2 main compartments allowing you to carry more than just breastmilk – a small breast pump + parts or whatever else you need for the day. This bag can also be carried as a backpack or a purse. 

What I Love About It: 

  • 2 compartments for tons of storage 
  • Can be carried as a backpack 
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Lots of extra pockets for added storage + organization
  • Available in multiple colors 

Things To Consider: 

  • No ice pack included
  • Not leakproof

#24: J.L. Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Breastmilk Cooler

The J.L. Childress MaxiCOOL breastmilk cooler is one of the more compact medium-sized breastmilk cooler bags on the list. Some moms even claim they can fit it inside their diaper bag. The bag holds up to 5 standard bottles or 3 wide bottles – like Comotomo. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Holds 4-5 large bottles or 3 wide bottles 
  • Insulated 
  • Leakproof
  • Easy-to-clean liner 
  • Comes with a reusable ice pack 
  • Exterior front pocket 
  • Handle attaches to stroller or diaper bag 

Things To Consider: 

  • Bag tips over easily 
  • Not the best bag for wider baby bottles 
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#25: Igloo FUNdamentals Lotus Cooler Backpack 

Credit: IGLOO

This cooler backpack from Igloo is perfect for moms who are looking for an insulated cooler that will hold a small breast pump + breastmilk storage bottles on their back rather than a tote. Can carry pretty much any size bottle due to its size and storage room. 

What I Love About It: 

  • Can carry pretty much anything you need it to
  • Padded backpack straps + back panel for comfort while carrying 
  • Advanced insulation 
  • Opens wide to pack and unpack easily 
  • Larger exterior zipper pocket 
  • Dual grab handles on the top of the bag if you want to carry 
  • Wipeable interior liner 

Things To Consider: 

  • On the larger side 
  • Not leakproof
  • Doesn’t come with an ice pack 

Let’s Wrap It Up – Best Cooler Bag for Breastmilk 

It is important for you to really consider all the features you need in your breastmilk cooler bag + what you are going to be using it for. Consider the durability, size, and something that is easy to clean. 

Small + compact bags are perfect for quick tips or to transport your baby’s bottles to daycare. The medium to larger bags is best for working moms looking to safely store and/or transport their expressed breastmilk + other pump necessities. 

A breastmilk cooler bag that fits all your needs + more is essential for making your pumping while at work experience easier + stress-free. Take the time to really look into the ones I have listed above to see what works best for you. 

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