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Graco is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to baby products – including feeding gear! Choosing a high chair for your little one can be stressful because there are SO many out there to choose from. 

To help you out – if you’re a Graco mama – I’ve ranked the best high chairs made by Graco from best to worst + a few other tips n’ tricks along the way! 

Why Does Your Baby Needs A High Chair?

A high chair is an essential piece of baby gear all soon-to-be moms should have on their registry – and if you don’t have a high chair yet for your little one you need one! 

A high chair provides a safe and comfortable place for your baby when they start solid foods around 4-6 months of age. 

The chair provides support + ensures that your little one stays upright while feeding. Plus, they help contain the mess your child is guaranteed to make. Babies + toddlers are the messiest eaters! 

What to Look For In A High Chair

Now I’ve convinced you that you need a high chair, but how do you go about picking the best one. I mean, have you seen how many options are out there..?

The best or right high chair is going to be different for every family, but here are some important things you should consider: 


Your child’s high chair should support safe swallowing, digestion, + posture. 

The more upright the position the better it is for safe swallowing + helps with gas and indigestion. A footrest is crucial for foot + trunk support. It also allows your baby to focus more on eating, chewing, + swallowing rather than trying to stable themselves. 

A support system is even more important for babies with developmental or sensory issues. 


As I mentioned babies + toddlers are the messiest of eaters. High chairs often help contain the mess, but you also need one that is easy to clean. 

Make sure that the pieces – like the tray – detach and can easily be wiped, washed in the sink, or even thrown in the dishwasher. The best tip I can give you is to stick to plastic, wood, or other wipeable surfaces because the fabric is much more difficult to clean + often stains. 


High chairs can be rather expensive so if you want to ensure they’re going to last for multiple children you want to make sure that they are durable. 

You can also find high chairs that will grow with your little ones + use multiple pieces at once. This is great if you have two children close in age who will use the high chair at the same time just at different phases.


Think of the space you have to house a high chair. 

Can you leave it out all the time or do you need something that folds up and stows away? You can find many high chairs that are both portable + foldable. 

Do you want something stand-alone, add to a chair, or maybe you only have a breakfast bar to eat at? For smaller dining areas a booster seat may be more suitable than a standalone chair.


You can find a lot of 6-in-1 or 7-in-1 high chairs which just means they grow through the different phases of feeding your child. Check to see if you can use the high chair for 2 kids at once – super handy if you plan on having kids within 2 to 3 years of each other. 

If you don’t want to spend the extra money on a convertible high chair, then look for one that has an adjustable height + adjustable footrest. This still allows the high chair to grow with your child! 

Best Graco High Chairs – Ranked From Best to Worst

I pulled 10 of the most popular Graco high chairs that are currently – mid-2022 – available for sale. I scored them on reviews from real parents + the following criteria:

  • Supportive + Adjustable?
  • Easy to clean?
  • Durable?
  • Foldable?
  • Convertible?
  • Can you use it for more than one child at a time?

Don’t want to read through every review? No prob! Skim through to check out a picture, unique feature, + price point on each header. Also, check out the comparison chart at the bottom of the post!


#1 – Made2Grow 6-in-1

The Made2Grow high chair is my top pick because of the features + functionality of each feature. It converts through 6 stages + can be used with 2 kids at once. The 6 stages include:

  1. Infant High Chair
  2. Traditional High Chair
  3. Infant Booster
  4. Toddler Booster
  5. Youth Stool 
  6. Youth Stool + Infant Booster

This high chair provides great support for younger infants + includes a 3-position recline adjustable seat. It adjusts and converts as your child + family grow – it can be used up until 6 years of age. 

The dishwasher safe tray + insert make it super easy to clean. Most of the high chair is made of plastic + easily wipeable with the fabric seat liner as an expectation. The liner is easy to toss in the laundry machine as needed. 


  • When folded it easily tips over, so it can’t really stand on its own. 
  • Some parents complain that it’s bulky, but compared to other convertible high chairs by Graco it’s actually one of the more compact ones that are also foldable. 

#2 – DuoDiner DLX 6-in-1

The DuoDiner DLX high chair converts through 6 growing stages:

  • Infant High Chair
  • Full-Size High Chair
  • Infant Booster
  • Toddler Booster
  • Youth Stool
  • Youth Stool + Infant Booster

The high chair can be easily adjusted to support your baby’s needs as they grow. It has 5 different height adjustments + a 3-position footrest.

The one-hand removable tray + insert make this high chair super easy to clean. The seat pad is wipeable + machine washable. 

This high chair is perfect for parents who need something that has a self-standing fold + easily stored. 

I ranked this high chair #2 below the Made2Grow because there were ALOT of reviews questioning its durability + saying it was not made very well. Therefore I think you may get more for your money with the Made2Grow. 


  • Parents report the tray is hard to remove + adjust 
  • Not made as well as other Graco products
  • The straps are not easy to take off to clean

#3 – Table2Table Premier Fold 7-in-1 

This high chair gets its name – Table2Table – for its ability to convert into a Big Kid Table + Chair that works perfectly for snack time + activities. The other convertible stages include:

  • Infant High Chair
  • Full-Size High Chair
  • Infant Booster
  • Toddler Booster
  • Youth Stool
  • Table + Chair

Like most Graco high chairs at the top of my list, the removable dishwasher-safe tray and insert + seat pad are easy to clean. You can also adjust the recline of the seat to 3 different positions. 


  • Can’t be used for 2 kids at once 
  • The footrest isn’t adjustable 

#4 – DuoDiner DLX 3-in-1

Graco sells two different DuoDiner DLX high chairs. Both can be used for 2 children at once, but 3-in-1 only converts into:

  • Infant High Chair
  • Toddler High Chair
  • Toddler Booster

This high chair offers great support for younger babies. It can also adjust with your child as they grow with 5 height positions + 3 recline positions + adjustable footrest. 

Super easy-to-clean with a wipeable + machine-washable seat pad. The tray can easily be removed with one hand. The tray + insert are both dishwasher safe. 

Added bonus to this high chair is it folds away and can easily be stored when not in use. 


  • Parents state the seat is not easy to just wipe down – most of the time it needs to be removed and added to the washing machine 
  • Straps are hard to remove + clean
  • Hard to move around – not recommended unless it’s going to be used where it can stay in one place
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#5 – Blossom 6-in-1

The Graco Blossom 6-in-1 is very similar in features to other convertible high chairs made by Graco. The high chair converts through the 6 stages – Infant High Chair, Full-Size High Chair, Infant Booster, Toddler Booster, + Youth Chair. 

There are multiple options for seating 2 children simultaneously: 

  • High Chair + Toddler Booster
  • Infant Booster + Youth Stool
  • Toddler Booster + Youth Stool

The high chair can be adjusted as your child grows taller + can also be reclined in different settings. The seat pad is super comfortable + machine washable. The tray is easy to remove, dishwasher safe + includes a pull-off insert. 


  • Lots of fabric! Not easily wipeable. Usually need to remove and machine washed. 
  • Large – not great for small, compact spaces
  • Does not fold

#5 – EveryStep 7-in-1 

The EveryStep 7-in-1 high chair is unique in its ability to convert to a step stool which is perfect for cooking + crafting with your child. The 7 convertible stages include: 

  • Infant High Chair
  • Full-size High Chair
  • Infant Seat
  • Toddler Booster
  • Youth Stool 
  • Step Stool + Infant Booster
  • Kid’s Kitchen Step Stool 

The step stool folds for compact + easy storage when not in use. The 2 front wheels also lock in place to hold the stool secure when in step stool mode.

This high chair is one of the most adjustable as far as height with 7 different positions to adjust to as your child grows. The tray includes a detachable insert + easy to clean. 


  • No leg hold to keep your baby from sliding or falling out the bottom. The only thing holding them in is the five-point harness. 
  • On the bigger + bulkier side – not great for small spaces
  • Wheels don’t work that great
  • The footrest is not adjustable 

#7 – Floor2Table 7-in-1

The Floor2Table 7-in-1 high chair comes with a ton of different features as it converts. The 7 stages include: 

  • Infant Floor Seat
  • High Chair
  • Infant Booster
  • Toddler Booster
  • Youth Stool 
  • Big Kid Table + Chair
  • Infant Booster + Youth Stool 

I love that this high chair also comes with 2 different trays – one is snack-sized and the other is a full-size tray. 


  • Hard to clean – lots of little crevices
  • Parents state the trays are difficult to remove – I saw a lot of reviews about this! 

#8 – Table Fit

The TableFit high chair is a great option if you are wanting to bring your baby right up to the dining table for feeding time. 

Although this high chair doesn’t convert, it’s extremely adjustable, allowing it to grow with your child into the toddler years. It has 8 height positions + 3 recline levels. The harness is also adjustable. 

This high chair is fairly easy to clean. The seat pad is both wipeable + machine washable. The tray has a detachable insert that can be removed + thrown in the dishwasher. 


  • Not super compact when folded
  • Parents complain the snack tray (removable insert) is hard to snap on + off and then it weakens to the point their baby can detach it on their own
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#9 – Simple Switch

The Simple Switch high chair is one of the cheaper Graco high chairs that can still grow with your child as they get older. This high chair is a 2-in-1 convertible high chair – full-size high chair + booster seat. 

I love that it has built-in leg storage for when you are using it as a booster seat to help keep everything together + clutter-free. 


  • Not an easy cleanup – moms report that the seat pad stains easily 
  • No tray cover or insert so the whole tray has to be removed to wash 
  • Does not fold

#10 – Slim Snacker

The Slim Snacker has made it to the bottom of my list, not because it’s a bad high chair to purchase, but because it doesn’t have nearly the amount of features as other Graco high chairs. 

That being said – if you are looking for a high chair that is slim, foldable, + compact for smaller spaces this may be one you should seriously consider. To give you an idea of its size it can easily fit under a standard kitchen bar when folded. 

The large storage basket underneath is perfect for holding bibs, baby wipes, + other feeding products. 


  • Not a great, supported footrest 
  • Doesn’t convert to a booster or toddler seat 
  • No tray liner 
  • Hard to clean – lots of little crevices, the material is hard to clean, + the cover is hard to remove in order to through it in the laundry machine 

Other Popular High Chairs

So you’re not deadset on needing a Graco branded high chair or maybe you found that none of the above met your needs. Check out these other popular high chairs that check a lot of the boxes for me! 

Stokke Tripp Trapp 

The Scandinavian-designed wooden high chair is unique with its comfortable + ergonomic seating position. The seating design allows you to adjust the position so that the high chair grows with your baby. 

This high chair is hands down the best when it comes to foot support by allowing the floor to come up to your baby. It is also perfect for small spaces because it’s small and compact. 

Peg Perego Siesta 

Hands down the most expensive high chair on my list, but if you are looking to really splurge this may be an option for you to look into. 

Not only is it made extremely well, but the features are plenty. With over 9 different height positions the high chair can even be used as a newborn recliner. 

The front and back wheels are scratch-resistant + automatically lock. Super easy to fold and stow away when not in use. 

It includes a double removable tray, rubber storage on the back for bibs + accessories, + a hygienic eco-leather cover. 

Chicco Caddy Hook-On 

We have this little portable high chair to use when we eat out at a restaurant or friend’s house. It is super small + compact making it easy to throw in the car and take on the go. 

All you need is a table to attach it to. Even though it’s super lightweight it is very durable + sturdy. I’m always worried about the safety of what I put my littles in, but this really feels secure when attached to the table.

The cover is super easy to snap on and off when you need to remove to clean. The cover is machine washable so I just occasionally throw it in the washer when big messes happen. 

Ciao Portable High Chair

We also have this high chair to use when we go camping in our travel trailer or eat outside. I describe it as the foldable lawn chair version of a high chair. 

Like a lawn chair, it’s super easy to unfold + lightweight. After you unfold it, it securely locks in place. The high chair includes a built-in cup holder + a clear plastic cover on the tray which makes it super easy to wipe down in between uses. 

The only downside to this one is the tray doesn’t always sit perfectly upright so sometimes food rolls down and into my son’s lap. I found it’s easiest to serve food on a silicone plate to keep things from sliding. 


Yup, this is the IKEA high chair you’ve probably heard everyone raving about. 

Although we don’t have this one, I have lots of mama friends who do. They love it because it’s small, easy to transport, + completely wipeable to clean – no fabric! 

For a $25 high chair, I know lots of mamas who have used it with multiple children – so definitely a great bargain if it works for you. 

The only thing to note is I would definitely add an after-market footrest to support your baby while feeding! 

Comparison Table 

High ChairAdjustableEasy-To-CleanDurableFoldableConvertible
Blossom 6-in-1XXXX
Simple SwitchXXXX
Slim SnackerXXX
DuoDiner DLX 6-in-1XXXXX
TableFit High ChairXXXX
EveryStep 7-in-1XXXX
DuoDiner DLX 3-in-1XXXXX
Made2Grow 6-in-1XXXXX
Table2Table 7-in-1XXXXX
Floor2Table 7-in-1XXX

Let’s Wrap It Up

Hopefully, now you feel a bit more informed and ready to add your tiny foodies’ high chair to your baby registry or online cart! Remember to keep in mind the following criteria when looking: 

  • Easy-to-clean
  • Footrest 
  • Adjustable 
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Convertible
  • Size

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