One of my favorite hacks to teach moms is how to boost the nutrition of their little one’s favorite meals and snacks. So today I figured we would talk about how to make healthy pancakes for toddlers! 

I have 5 tips for making healthy pancakes for toddlers, plus some of my favorite healthy pancake recipes! 

Let’s dive in! 

8 Tips For Making Healthy Pancakes for Toddlers

Pancakes are arguably one of the most popular breakfast foods every toddler loves! The great thing about pancakes is that there are a ton of ways you can easily boost the nutritional content. Allowing you to really pack in the extra beneficial nutrients into their breakfast!

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Here are 8 easy ways you can make your toddler’s regular ol’ pancakes healthier – and still please your little foodies: 

#1: Whole Milk 

Substitute whole milk for water or low-fat milk options that are commonly used for making pancakes. Whole milk will add vitamin D, calcium, protein, and fat to your toddler’s meal.

Mom Tip: Have leftover breast milk? You can use thawed or fresh breast milk to make pancakes for your baby or toddler. Especially when your toddler is sick or if they are getting ready to go back to school. Boost that immune system!

#2: Greek Yogurt 

You can add a bit of plain yogurt to your pancake batter to add some healthy fats, plus it adds a tangy taste and fluffier texture to your pancake. See the recipe for Greek Yogurt Pancakes below. 

#3: Fruit

Kids always love when you add fruit to their pancakes. Popular choices include strawberry, blueberry, or mashed banana. Apple + cinnamon is one of our household favorites. All you have to do is stick cooked apples in the food processor to make your own homemade applesauce that can then be added to the pancake batter.

#4: Vegetables

Just like you can add fruit to pancakes you can also add veggies. Some popular veggie pancake additions are pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and shredded zucchini. Blended spinach and mashed banana are fun to add to your pancake batter – who doesn’t love green pancakes?

#5: Nut Butter

Want to add protein to your toddler’s pancakes? It’s super easy! Just add a spoonful of nut butter into your pancake batter. You can also spread a thin layer of nut butter on your toddler’s pancakes in place of sugary syrup. 

#6: Cottage or Ricotta Cheese

Cottage and ricotta cheese add calcium, protein, and fat just like milk and yogurt. But these two kinds of cheese by far make the most delicious and fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever make. Check out some of the easy breakfast recipes I have below using these two kinds of cheese. 

#7: Spices

Adding spices to your pancake batter will add flavor, so you can ditch the sugary syrup. But your toddler will still love them! Cinnamon is a really popular spice to add to your pancakes that toddlers love. 

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#8: Whole Wheat, Oat Flour, or Oatmeal

More times than not pancakes are made with refined all-purpose flour. This causes your tot to miss out on the fiber, iron, and other important nutrients that are present in whole grains. The smart way to take advantage of whole grain is to use whole wheat flour, oat flour, or oatmeal in your pancakes. 

Mom Tip: Have a toddler and baby who eats solid foods? Make mini pancakes or baby pancakes. These work as a great snack for your toddler and older kids!

healthy pancakes for toddlers

10 Healthy Pancake Recipes Every Toddler With Love

Okay, so I’ve shared some of the ways you can boost the nutrition of your toddler’s pancakes. If you’re not quite sure how to add them to your everyday pancake mix or batter then check out some of these delicious pancake recipes the whole family will love. 

#1: Cottage Cheese Pancakes 

healthy pancakes for toddlers
Photo: Mrs.Jones’s Kitchen

These 4 ingredient cottage cheese pancakes can be enjoyed hot or cold, and are loved by all the family, from baby-led weaning to adults! A simple recipe if you want to use cottage cheese in your toddler’s pancakes.

#2: Healthy Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes

Photo: Garlic, Salt, + Lime

In this healthy pancake recipe milk and whole grain oats blended together with baking soda, salt, pure vanilla extract, maple syrup & lemon zest. Stir in some plump, ripe blueberries for the most delicious oatmeal pancakes you’ve ever tasted!

#3: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

healthy pancakes for toddlers
Photo: The Healthy Epicurean

Fluffy whole grain lemon ricotta pancakes with berry compote. Easy to make, healthy, and absolutely delicious!

#4: Zucchini Bread Pancakes with Lemon Glaze

Photo: Babaganosh

These Zucchini bread pancakes are lightly spiced like zucchini bread and loaded with hidden veggies, but you would never taste it! So delicious, especially with the easy lemon glaze in place of syrup.

#5: Greek Yogurt Pancakes

healthy pancakes for toddlers
Photo: Chef Savvy

You only need 30 minutes to make these light and fluffy Greek Yogurt Pancakes. This is a sweet healthy breakfast that’s perfect for weekdays, special occasions, and brunch on the weekends. 

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#6: Pumpkin Pancakes

Photo: Chef Savvy

Light and fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes are perfectly spiced and loaded with pumpkin flavor. They make the perfect breakfast for a chilly Fall morning!

#7: Banana Pancakes

healthy pancakes for toddlers
Photo: Love From The Oven

If you’re looking for a delicious way to start your day, you can’t go wrong with this easy Banana Pancake Recipe! These flavorful pancakes are made with simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, and they can be topped with anything from fruit to syrup to peanut butter.

#8: Whole Wheat Blueberry Flax Pancakes

Photo: Lemons + Zest

Wholesome Whole Wheat Blueberry Flax Pancakes are fluffy and delicious even with all the whole grains. Fresh blueberries, whole wheat flour, and ground flax are the star of this simple breakfast recipe everyone will love!

#9: Carrot + Butternut Squash Pancakes

healthy pancakes for toddlers
Photo: Ramona’s Cuisine

Fluffy, healthy carrot and butternut squash pancakes made with delicious spices. These pancakes are naturally sweetened and packed with yummy mix-ins like fresh ginger, walnuts, and chia seeds. Top with yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup or honey for a wonderfully cozy breakfast!

#10: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Pancakes

Photo: Natalie’s Health

Sweet and nutty, these Peanut Butter Oatmeal Pancakes are the perfect quick breakfast. They are made with wholesome ingredients and without added sugars.

Healthy Alternatives for Syrup 

Let’s talk about syrup for a minute. Syrup is basically a mixture of water and sugar. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents stir clear of added sugar until 2 years of age. 

So what can you serve with your toddler’s pancakes instead of syrup? 

  • Mashed fruit
  • Homemade jam 
  • Nut butter

If you do choose to serve syrup with your toddler’s pancakes just try to keep it at a minimal amount. 

healthy pancakes for toddlers

Healthy Sides To Serve With Your Toddler’s Pancakes

When you are serving healthy pancakes for your toddler you don’t want to spoil the meal by offering unhealthy sides. The addition of healthy food to your toddler’s favorite breakfast add variety and additional nutrients to their diet. 

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Some great sides to serve with your toddler’s healthy pancakes include: 

  • Fresh fruit 
  • Yogurt 
  • Granola
  • Smoothie
  • Veggies
  • Eggs

Mom Tip: Have leftover pancakes? Toss them in an airtight container to double as a healthy snack for later or tomorrow.

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In A Nutshell

There are a ton of easy swaps to make when making your toddler’s delicious pancakes to make them a bit healthier. Swaps that your toddler will actually love. I mean what kid wouldn’t like cinnamon-flavored pancakes with some peanut butter and bananas smashed in between? 

A few quick important tips from this post include: 

  • Fruit, veggies, and yogurt make great additions to your toddler’s pancakes recipe
  • Try to use whole wheat flour or oatmeal occasionally in your toddler’s pancakes
  • Opt for smashed fruit or nut butter in place of sugary syrup
  • Make sure to serve healthy sides – like granola, eggs, or smoothie when making healthy pancakes for your toddler

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